joy hacks

breakout EDU

Playful joyhacks: infuse a little joy, love & playfulness into your learning community.

Sing a song. Collective joy is a thing. Karaoke part of the meeting or PD, no mic, use youtube and try to spark some inspiring anthem.

You can take it to the next level and separate the room and learn different parts. PubChoir and Choir! Choir! Choir!

Try homemade. Everyone loves homemade. It shows you care. Try making homemade content for the special people in your lives.

  • handmade posters
  • photos from your the site/participants
  • homemade snacks
  • personalize the content to include local/common references

Just PLAY. Have a playdate. No lecture, no presenters, no agendas. Explore. Remember how when you were little and you went to your friend’s house and played? It’s like that, you get together and navigate new materials, games, bots together. Here is a great kit from @MsMagieri.

Try Breakout EDU. I’ve left problems and clues to find the snacks twice. It was really fun/funny. People come together and problem solve. I have one box and have changed my passcode on my iPad and cell phone to lead them to the clues. Michael Davidson @MakerEdNZ has this fun slide deck of ideas. You might be able to adapt one from this ESCAPE ROOM.pdf resource from the It’s too fun. Try it.

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