Playful and Techy

Zoom, Teams, Meets… Whatever platform you are using, it’s the best way to stay connected. Let’s stay close. Let’s connect.

Playful Zoom ideas

For fun, or for necessity have people go get something and come back. It could be a time to take a break (“Turn off your camera and be back in 3 minutes”) or it could be a race (“The first person to get a toothbrush in their hand on camera, wins–GO!”)

Play ‘Reveal Yourself’

It’s easy. Turn off your cameras and reveal yourself if…. “You are wearing pajamas” “Drank coffee today” “Can sew a facemask” “Made your bed” “You have a dog” “Have more than one gmail address” …make up some questions, go over how to turn your camera on/off in the platform you’re using, and PLAY!

Rename yourself to…

Agree/disagree… use adjectives to tell how you’re feeling… the name your favorite character….

Think. What would be fun or relevant to what you’re doing?..

Take better pictures: for fun or for work

Keri-Lee Beasley (@klbeasley) a self-proclaimed font geek, food enthusiast, who’s passionate about design did a fun Spark Session at Google #DEN18.

In 20 minutes time we learned about the rule of thirds, perspective, and to consider the details of a photograph. It was a blast! Here are some of my photos below and click here to see Keri-Lee’s steps.

If you use Google Slides in your presentations there is a feature to take Question & Answers when you are in presentation mode. It gives the audience a way to have a back channel, much like the beloved Today’s Meet that is no more. Directions are here: how to accept audience participation.

💥You might want to try the laser cursor pointer they offer in presentation mode too.

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