Creativity and innovation is fun– except when you’re stuck. Here are some ideas to get you and your team generating ideas, inspired, and brainstorming.

I love design thinking and creative challenges. I relish being in the sweet spot–those moments of flow. There are some fun ways to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully get you in the zone. Have fun with these. Let me know how it goes, and if you know/have a technique you think I should add please share. 🙂 You don’t need much to implement these ideas. Paper and pens are great, but if you add coffee, snacks, colorful sticky notes, and fresh office supplies it’s even better.

There is a Design Sprint Kit by Google! Try it. It has so many ideas to set up a PD that can be productive and creative. That’s what I call fun.

Crazy 8’s are a way to brain storm and get creative. It can feel stressful to try to do 8 solutions or ideas in the time allowed, but it’s fun.

Try a Kanban Board

Try Josh Wood’s ideas for ideating: Project Zero Thinking Routines,, or IDEO resources are all surefire bets.

Play with this Protobot to get your creative, divergent thinking going:

Take a break and play with quickdraw by google to loosen up and learn to draw some icons while you’re at it.

Draw and doodle! You will remember more. It’s a fun warm-up activity to get #SketchnoteFever with Sylvia Duckworth.

If you need research with the why Sketchnoting is beneficial check here:

Sunni Brown
Rachel Smith

Draw even more inspiration from my muses and mentors, check them out:

Wanda Terral

Manuel Herrera

Nichole Carter

Learn how to do Google Drawings or learn how to make interactive posters with J.Matt Miller, or infographics.

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